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New Project – Imaginapped

Currently working on a new project coming soon. For more info check out our Indiegogo site. All help would be greatly appreciated. 


New Website

I have been getting requests for a website with some basic info and portfolio links on it, so I decided to put one together in Wix. It’s not the prettiest sight, but it’s simple and does the trick.

Also. It’s 2013. Finally. 2012 was hashtag great, but I unfortunately forgot/neglected this blog. I’ll try to post more (and better). 

(Oh who am I kidding)

How to Babysit

I case you didn’t know, I’m a professional babysitter.

The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts

Here’s the first short film I made at Columbia. I wanted to write a longer post about the production of it, but I just can’t seem to find the time to do so.

But in short:  I’ve always had a tendency to overanalyze everything, so I wanted to find a way to visualize that. And so the idea was born of having a group of scientist stuck in this boy’s head, doing the calculations for his every move.

Anyways, I’m so grateful for all the people who helped out.

From Nordhordland With Love

«From Nordhordland With Love» is a commercial we shot this summer for Nordhordland, a district back in Norway. They had seen the films we made for The University og Bergen Library, and wanted something similar. So basically they gave us a lot of creative freedom, which is always rewarding.

I always wondered how a supervillain goes about picking the location for his headquarter. So I came up with the idea of an evil megalomaniac and his #2 going location scouting in the area. I’m quite happy with the end result, since it’s rather different from the typical «postcard»-commercial we normally see for places like this.

The feedback we’ve gotten has been great. The travel website Gadling referred to it as: «..this is one of the most creative promotional videos we’ve ever seen. Well played, Nordhordland.»

Short Film Friday #13 – Spirer Etter Torden

Nydeleg eksamensfilm frå avgangskullet på Film & TV-produksjon ved UiB.

Frå Vimeo:

Spirer Etter Torden is our first exam production at the University of Bergen. It is a short film about a brother and a sister in their escape from reality and their parents constant fighting.

If you wish to see more from the process of making the film, visit the blogsite

Screenplay: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Director: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Producer: Jesper Kirkeby Brevik
Photo: Anita Jonsterhaug Vedå
Sound: Bendik Stubstad Henriksen
Editor: Andreas Næs

The History of the World in 75 Seconds

New Pistolshrimps video:

I’m not quite pleased with this one. Time was not on our side so we had to rush it. The  script was quite a bit better than the end product, but it’s still an okay video.

Special thanks to Tom-Rune for drawing the dinosaur, and Jon Anders for lending us his voice.

PS! Speaking of dinosaurs, me and Tom have an animated short film on the way. I wrote a script a couple of weeks back that we are both pretty excited about making.  He will animate while I direct, edit etc. I cant say much more about it, other than the fact that a dinosaur plays a vital part.

If we can get the workflow right we are also thinking about making an animated webseries, but for now it’s just a short on the way. But stay tuned!