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Small Penis

The word «penis» no longer makes much sense to me. After working on this film for the last semLiten Penisester I’ve probably said the word more times during the last six months than I will do for the rest of my life. In addition I will for always be associated with the subject, and forever be that childish guy who at the age of 23 wanted to make a movie about penises. But my oh my how it was worth it. As you can see from the bloopers at the end of the film, we had so much fun creating this short.

So why make a film about small penises? First of all because it has a big comedic potential. Secondly because a small penis in my opinion works great as a metaphor for the insecurity I wanted to address with this film. And last but not least because the subject still, in 2009, is quite taboo. I remember a phone call I had with a potential actor:

Stian: «Hi! My name is Stian Hafstad, and I’m calling from the University of Bergen. We’re making a short film and I was wondering if you would be interested in auditioning for us?

Man: «Yes, sure. I’d love to. I really enjoy acting. What’s the film about?»

Stian: «The film is called Small Penis, and is about a support gr..»


Stian: «Hello? Hello? Are you there?»

At first I was puzzled, then a bit mad, but then it suddenly hit me: «I think we might be on to something here.»

There are one million more things I could say about the film, but I kind of feel that my rant has lasted long enough. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. So please enjoy our graduation film «Small Penis».

It looks best if you go to youtube and watch it in HD.

Fun (and not so fun) facts about the production:

Shot in 5 days in Bergen, Norway, on a budget of about 400 dollars. All of the actors contributed for free, and I do not think we could have gotten a better cast no matter how much money we would have had.


Sony XDcam – 1920×1080 – 25p.

Sony EX1 – 1280×720 – 50p (the slow motion scenes)

Post production:

Final Cut


Adobe After Effects


Christopher Swahn Zibell – DP

Espen Hobbesland – Editor

Erlend Myrstad – Sound

Kristian Stakseth-Gundersen – Producer

Stian Hafstad – Writer and director


Erlend Myrstad – «Du er ikkje din penis» (You are not your penis)

Elliot Simons –


Jørgen Drejer Thomassen

Jørgen Aarø

Espen Rotevatn

Anders Ingebrigtsen

Magnus Bjørndal

Jørgen Østensjø

Steinar Christiansen

Jostein Torvestad


Vegard Andre Skarheim

Tom Larsen

Olaf Heggdal

Frode Kilvik

Simon Ommundsen

Andrew Midson-Slettbakk

Joakim Næss Lea

Michael Deonarine

Fredrik Andre Myhr

Andreas Nonaas

Kristin Sissener

Joakim Hestnes

Vilde Evenstad

Anne Elisabeth Waage

Rudi Jakobsen

Kristian Stakset-Gundersen

Tom Rune Andreassen

Espen Hobbesland

Jan Ingar Grindheim

Cato Helgesen

Fredrik Bakke

Marie Rodal


Linn Christine Berg-Olsen


Tom Rune Andreassen

Photo – End credits:

Arne Daniel Haldorsen


Agent Orange  – Jakob Fischer