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Man vs. T-Rex – Coming Soon

Last summer I wrote a script for a cartoon, and had my friend Tom animate it. Since it’s a project without a hard deadline it’s constantly being pushed back in the work queue. However this week I finally had time to get some actors come in and record the voices. Hopefully I’ll have it finished soon.

Tom has done a great job with the animation. Here are some stills:


New Short Film – Science of Blowjobs dot com

I am currently working on a new short film by the name «The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts».

Childish? Yes.

But here’s the film’s website.

There’s not much there yet, but hopefully we’ll fill it up soon with info about the cast and crew.

Batman Goes to the Grocery Store and Other PistolShrimps Videos

Here are the latest PistolShrimps videos:

Manly Hugs:

Silly Saruman:

Batman Goes to the Grocery Store:

We were shooting a lot that day, and we actually did not have time to film the ending of the video. It was supposed to be Batman pushing Robin in a shopping cart. Groceries flying!

Special thanks to Tom and Thorvald who helped us out!