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How to Babysit

I case you didn’t know, I’m a professional babysitter.


Bye Bye Jar Jar & Teenage Potter

More PistolShrimps.

Controversial Rage Faces

A couple of weeks ago we released this video on our YouTube channel:

It quickly became one of our most seen videos, but also one of our most controversial. The comment section turned into a battle ground between different sites (4chan vs Reddit vs 9gag vs Funnyjunk).

From a Media Science perspective this clash of «user based titans» is highly fascinating.

Rage comics originated on 4chan and then spread across the internet, growing/changing with each new user base. So for a lot of people there is this feeling of other sites taking something unique and special, and ruining it.

Personally I would love to see someone in academia do research on this type of internet culture.

Occupy the Afterlife

Each of my directing classes demand that I make a short film as a final assignment. Last fall had a deadly taste of work overload, and so I had to put together a project rather quickly in the end of January.

Quick projects are often the most fun to make though. And this was just a blast. I wrote the whole thing based on my friends Christoph and Kevin.

And.. Of course I went with.. Ghosts.

Check it out here:

Playing With The Gregory Brothers

We started up a new season of PistolShrimps in February, and for our first video we were lucky enough to get help from some of our internet favorites, The Gregory Brothers.

Evan Gregory made a sweet 80s-workout-montage remix of the LOTR theme, with help from Alexander Foote. Check it out here: