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I’m back! (and so are three interesting documentarists)

From where, you ask? I don’t know, really . I’ve just been a bit busy lately and then all of a sudden 6 weeks had passed since my last post. Well, behaviour like that is not going to cut it at all, so from now on I’m going to try to log on about once a week no matter what’s happening.  (Zombie attacks not included)

One of the reasons I’ve been occupied lately – many more to come in following posts – is that we made some web-broadcasts for Bergen International Film Festival.

I didn’t really produce much of interest, but I can show you one of the stories we made. We got together three of the filmmakers who attended the festival and had a chat about why they are making documentaries. We had to edit 45 minutes of conversation down to 3 minutes, so it’s a bit shallow, but thats our fault not theirs. They were really funny guys who had alot of interesting things to say.

Because of our deadline the clip hasn’t been color/gamma-corrected etc, and the sound is a bit out of sync for some reason. But if you can live with that please have a look and leave some feedback if you want.

You can watch it at BIFFs websites.

If you want to know more about them and their movies:

Clayton Brown

Josh Tickell

Paul Devlin