From Nordhordland With Love

«From Nordhordland With Love» is a commercial we shot this summer for Nordhordland, a district back in Norway. They had seen the films we made for The University og Bergen Library, and wanted something similar. So basically they gave us a lot of creative freedom, which is always rewarding.

I always wondered how a supervillain goes about picking the location for his headquarter. So I came up with the idea of an evil megalomaniac and his #2 going location scouting in the area. I’m quite happy with the end result, since it’s rather different from the typical «postcard»-commercial we normally see for places like this.

The feedback we’ve gotten has been great. The travel website Gadling referred to it as: «..this is one of the most creative promotional videos we’ve ever seen. Well played, Nordhordland.»

One response to “From Nordhordland With Love

  1. En helt herlig film! Så mye kreativt og gjennomført arbeid!

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