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The Fellowship of the Vuvuzela

I’ve totally forgotten about my blog for a while. Sorry!

Anyways, here are the latest Pistolshrimps videos.

Gandalf goes to the world cup

Actually a remake of the first edit-myself-into-movies type of videos I ever made. This was back when I had only just heard of the program called After Effects so it did not look very good. Hence I never put it online. However I always liked the idea, so when all the World Cup started and the Vuvuzela got a lot of attention, I thought the idea would fit. So I exchanged the flute with a vuvuzela.

As I recall we shot it on a Wednesday, did the effects Thursday night and I edited it all together and uploaded it on Friday.

Bert & Ernie do the Y.M.C.A.

Our last video for the season. I’ve done a couple of Bert & Ernie videos before. Lovable characters. And their relationship is.. Well.. I cant be the only one wondering, can I?

So I had the idea of us just having a party with Ernie. Hilarious video to shoot by the way =)

The Big Slap

In The Big Sleep there is a hilarious scene where Humphrey Bogart slaps Lauren Bacall. There’s also a scene in The Maltese Falcon where Bogart utters the brilliant line «when you’re slapped you’ll take it and like it». So ever since I saw these films I’ve wanted to do a Film Noir slap spoof. Here it is:

We are taking a break this summer, so there wont be any new Pistolshrimps videos up before September 2nd.