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Har du lyst til å vinne ei brukt Pistolshrimps t-skjorte? Ta ein titt på denne vidoen for å finne ut korleis.


Jungle Sports

Here is a link to a short commerical I made for a firm called Jungle Sports. And for once it’s actually a «serious» video.

Check it  out here.

About the video:

The people in it are all young, talented, Norwegian athletes. They were all really motivated and quite fun to work with.

The video was filmed on a Nikon D90. It’s an okay camera, but not really good enough for  commercial projects. It seems to have problems with the European 50hz electrical system, causing light waves on the screen. Also you cannot choose your own exposure. (You can cheat by locking it and then zooming in/out, but this is not ideal to work with) In addition it compresses the video too hard, creating a lot of noise in the image.

But since I wanted a kind of dirty, spotlight look on the video, the compression quality was not really an issue this time.

I only had two construction lamps to work with, I decided to turn them towards the camera and turn off all other light sources whenever I had the chance. I also added a bit more lens flare in post using the plug-in from

The History of the World in 75 Seconds

New Pistolshrimps video:

I’m not quite pleased with this one. Time was not on our side so we had to rush it. The  script was quite a bit better than the end product, but it’s still an okay video.

Special thanks to Tom-Rune for drawing the dinosaur, and Jon Anders for lending us his voice.

PS! Speaking of dinosaurs, me and Tom have an animated short film on the way. I wrote a script a couple of weeks back that we are both pretty excited about making.  He will animate while I direct, edit etc. I cant say much more about it, other than the fact that a dinosaur plays a vital part.

If we can get the workflow right we are also thinking about making an animated webseries, but for now it’s just a short on the way. But stay tuned!

Boobies and Kittens

The idea came to me around 3 a.m. on some idle Tuesday. Boobies + Kittens. It just made sense .

Meant as an experiment, I wanted to see how many views we could get on something that was fun yet simple  and predictable. My guess was that if you had a somewhat fun video with a thumbnail of a pair of boobs, then it wouldn’t be hard to reach 1 million views.

Unfortunately the video was flagged – and therefore removed from the YouTube-lists  (most viewed, top favorited etc) So I don’t think we’ll reach 1 million any time soon. But still, after only 3 days online it has become our most viewed video of all time.

Conclusion: The internet loves boobies. (and kittens)

Laser dinos!

I had my friend Andreas make a 3D dinosaur for a commercial we made for our university. And when we had a dinosaur just lying around we decided we had to make some more fun out of it.

How to Open a Bra

New PistolShrimps video: How to Open a Bra. This one might hurt your eyes a bit!