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17. Mai og Seksualundervisning

Her er dei siste Pistolshrimps-videoane.


Short Film Friday #14 – Crater Face

I haven’t been posting any new shorts for some time, simply because I haven’t come across anything interesting. Until now. Crater Face is an animated short with tons of energy and a brilliant soundtrack. Check it out.

Et Plagieringseventyr

Vi held for tida på med ein ny film for Universitetsbiblioteket, og eg har i den anledning snekra saman ein plakat:

YouTube Hashtags

It seems YouTube has enable the use of hash tags in comments.

While the YouTube blog has yet to mention anything about this, it seems that the most frequent hashtags get an orange framing, while the rest are just ordinary links. (It’s a bit funny that what is probably the most used comment on YouTube, «GAY!», did not get an orange frame. Those poor trolls.)

I also tested it on a channel site, but seems that the hashtags only work in video comments.

This seems like an exciting and useful addition to YouTube. The most used phrases like lol, omg etc, are probably not worth tracking, but if you have more specific #hashtags you’ll be able to follow discussions across several videos.

EDIT: And here is the link to the youtube comment search.

Deleted Scenes from Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

Some scenes, outtakes and bloopers we couldn’t fit into the Potter videos.

Harry Potter Starts a Band (And Might Be Gay)

I totally forgot about my blog for a while. Sorry. Here are the latest Pistolshrimps videos:

Harry Potter Starts a Band:

Brokeback Hogwarts:

Sexual Education: Oral Sex