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Leaked scene from the new Harry Potter movie

We had a left over clip from the Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts trailer we made back in November.  So we decided to post it as a separate video. Enjoy!:)


Miles vs fame

This graph shows the connection between how famous an artist is, and how many miles they are willing to travel to be with their loved ones.


As you can see from the graph you will not become very famous unless you are willing to walk one thousand miles or more.

Odetta said she would go 900 miles, but she is far from as famous as Vanessa Carlton, who was willing to go that extra (hundred) mile for success.

The Proclaimers would originally only walk 500 miles, but decided to add another 500. And just like that, they made it to the top.

The Offspring wanted world stardom, so they decided to go for 1 million miles.

The  most interesting part is that Madonna -who is probably the most famous of them all – says in her song «Miles Away»:

you always have the biggest heart, when we are 6000 miles apart.

Proving once and for all that success comes at the expense of your love life.