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Lord of the Rings: Two Tiny Towers

Even though we’re 3531 miles apart, me and Christer keep on making videos as Pistolshrimps. As childish as ever! Here are some of the newest ones:


The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts

I’m currently working on a new short film called the «The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts». We finished shooting yesterday, and I’m quite pleased with the material I have at hand.

Hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of February. Here’s a still from the shoot.

«Inside the head of a geeky teenage boy, a group of scientists lead by Albert Einstein, are trying to find the ultimate approach to charm the boy’s dreamgirl. They do the calculations, he acts them out. But he soon discovers that mathematical formulas might not be the best way to win a girl’s heart.»