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Ron’s Emotional Breakdown

During Christmas break I visited my uncle. Such a great guy. For some reason we started talking about comedy. He said it’s a shame that comedians these days «always» seem to drop their pants in order to be funny.

I just smiled and nodded.

Hope he’ll never see this.


Internet Goldmark

I made a birthday video for a friend almost two years ago, and it just hit 1 million views.

Since there’s so much material on YouTube, most videos seem to «die out» and get very few new views after a couple of months. However if you look at the views chart for this one, you can see that it has been a steady growth since I uploaded it. So it seems that if you want a million views on a video, then calling it Happy Birthday is a good thing. After all, it’s probably one of the top general search terms on both Google and YouTube. (That’s an estimated guess)

Oh, and by the way, I am currently editing my new short The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts. Hopefully I’ll have it done next month, and then ready for an online release this fall.

A Way Out – Science Fiction Short

I usually don’t post exercises from my directing classes online, simply because they’re:

a) uninteresting, or..

b) they’re not self contained pieces, so you they do not work outside of class context.

But this piece kind of works on its own so I thought I’d put it up.

Basically the assignment was to do a one shot scene without any dialogue. I made comedy all last semester, so I thought it could be fun to play around with another genre. I ended up doing this Science Fiction Thriller thingy.

I could go more into what I intended it to be about, but I’ll rather leave it up to you to decide.

Technical aspects:

Shot on Canon T2i with the Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 lens.

I used three 300 watt lights for the scene. Blue gels. I had one light in the cabinet, and then used After Effects with the Optical Flares plugin from Videocopilot to add the space-time-rift.

Oh, and a fun fact. It was shot at my dorm room so if you look closely you can see my Halloween Robot costume in the background. I’ve been planning to make something with it, but I have no idea what yet.