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Short Film Friday #13 – Spirer Etter Torden

Nydeleg eksamensfilm frå avgangskullet på Film & TV-produksjon ved UiB.

Frå Vimeo:

Spirer Etter Torden is our first exam production at the University of Bergen. It is a short film about a brother and a sister in their escape from reality and their parents constant fighting.

If you wish to see more from the process of making the film, visit the blogsite

Screenplay: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Director: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Producer: Jesper Kirkeby Brevik
Photo: Anita Jonsterhaug Vedå
Sound: Bendik Stubstad Henriksen
Editor: Andreas Næs


New Harry Potter Videos

The first one is now online, and we have two more on the way.

We also made an April fools video which you can see here: