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Short Film Friday #14 – Crater Face

I haven’t been posting any new shorts for some time, simply because I haven’t come across anything interesting. Until now. Crater Face is an animated short with tons of energy and a brilliant soundtrack. Check it out.


Short Film Friday #8 – Two Cars, One Night

A lovely short from New Zealand. From the YouTube description:

«While waiting for their parents, two boys and a girl meet in the carpark of a rural New Zealand pub. What at first seems to be a relationship based on rivalry soon develops into a close friendship as we learn that love can be found in the most unlikely of places. Nominated for the 2005 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short.»

Short Film Friday #5 – Jedi Gym

Jedi Gym

Since we were busy filming all day Friday, I didn’t have the time to write a new post. I’m sorry about that. But to make up for it I’m going to share with you one of my absolute favourite short films. It’s a mockumentary-style comedy by the name Jedi Gym.

I also got in touch with one the creators of the film, Timothy Kendall, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about the production. So here it is: Jedi Gym!

1. Can you give a short introduction of yourself?

Creators behind Jedi Gym are Timothy Kendall and Ben Koldyke. I (Timothy Kendall) direct television commercials for a living and when I’m not doing that, I make short films and webseries like this one. Ben Koldyke is an actor and writer.

2. Technical aspects: camera, lenses, editing software?

We shot on a Panasonic HVX200 and edited with Final Cut Pro. All visual effects were done with Photoshop and After Effects. The key was mixing live practical effects with digital. So you don’t just rely on post. That stuff is for Peter Jackson.

3. How much time did it take to produce this short?

It took us two weeks to get the script where we wanted it, one week to produce it and two and a half days to shoot it. I then went into an edit/vfx cave for another two weeks. So a little over a month to pull it off. I use the same teams as I do in commercials to do my little shorts so we’re pretty tight.

4. What was the budget?

Budget was under 3k. We had to rent costumes and some lights and feed everybody. The value came in getting a free location and finding people online who own their own Star Wars stuff and wanted to exercise. It’s a strange world we live in.

5. Where did the idea come from?

Idea came from reading an article in Wired magazine about NYJEDI.COM. Go check out the real Master Flynn.

6. What is your next project?

Next project? Since Jedi Gym I’ve done several. I currently co-produce and direct a webseries called «LA I.C.E.» about Immigration officers who aren’t after the South American population– they’re after Canadians. But actually just recently I finished a 3 min short that I’m very proud of that also has some Jedi themes. Check it out, it’s called JUST BEFORE DARK. If you liked Jedi Gym, you’ll LOVE this one.

7. Where does one sign up for the classes?


Short Film Friday #4

Finally! Short Film Friday is back! I can’t believe it’s been a week already!

Today I have a real treat for you. It’s a comedy short called Baby. It starts out all nice and quiet, and then.. Well.. Lets just say that it escalates. See for yourself.

Short Film Friday #3 – He Came. She Stole.

So I know that in my first SFF post I promised that these films would not take up much more than 10 mintues of your time. I guess I lied. Because here the other day I stumbled upon a film called Arnold and the Alps by Drew Mylrea, which I really have to share. It’s 40 minutes long. This story of a young man’s desire to go ice climbing can best be described as quirky and weird, and if there is any doubt, I mean that in a good way. The film also contains one of the best sex scenes I have seen for quite some time. Arnold 1

The internet is a medium of short attention span and constant tempation. So the fact that this film managed to keep me interested for 40 minutes is nothing short of impressive. Whats even more impressive is the fact that if you watch the end credits you will see that this was pretty much a one mans job.

So I decided to get in touch with man behind the film, Drew Mylrea, and ask him some question on process of making a film by yourself.

1. Can you give a short introduction of yourself?

I’m 22 – dropped out of ucla with a Spanish requirement to go after finishing a theater directing major, been making movies since I could think (or trying to!) – started with stop animation then action films.

2. From the end credits it seems like this was pretty much a one man job. How much time did it take to make it? Were there times when you just wanted to give up?

One man job. Took four months of filming when we could because people were working or in school etc. I absolutely almost gave up after the first rough cut. The pacing was off, it was 1hr long and had all of these scenes we came up with on the fly, which ended up being nic Charachter accents but not driving the story. That, combined with terrible sound led to a test screening that had a horrible reaction and left me bummed about this thing I had worked so hard on.

It took a while to finally find the right rythm. Then came more frustration when inhad to record all of the sound effects because that proccess is just a lonely trek out with a micraphone which I fin laborious unlike lighting a shot or wiling with actors.Arnold 2

3. What was the budget on the film? And how did you finance it?

No budget at all. I spent under 5k on the camera, borrowed all props, had to pay 150 to rent a segway and a couple key antiques like the spear. Asher bought me the sound recorder, I had the mac to edit. Everyon fed themselves bless there hearts.

4. Technical aspects: camera, lenses, editing software?

Camera hv20
Brevis 35mm nikon mount
Nikon 50mm, 17-35mm and a funky telephoto zoom
Redrock follow focus
Battery and LCD screen
2 stolen 2k lights
1 legally obtained Arri light kit consisting of 2 650watt 1 300w lights
Final cut pro, shake

(Stian: I’ve sent him a follow up so hopefully we will get the story on the two stolen 2k lights:)

5. What was the hardest part of making the film?

Hardest part was editing it down

6. Where there any funny, weird or interesting things that happened while you were filming it?

It was all fun and funny to make – cast was unbelievable and I love them too much.

7. What is your next project?

Next project is a feature don’t want to say anything until Im 100percent sure I can make it. Scripts ready if anyone who is interested in helping wants to chat please do! (Mylrea at gmail dot com)

So go and watch the film here at: http://www.arnoldandthealps.com/watch.htm

I’m already looking forward to his feature, and I’d love to see what Mylrea could do if he had a real budget to play with. No matter what happens I do believe this man has a great future ahead of him.

Short Film Friday #2

Today I present to you the internet classic Black Button. Directed by Lucas Crandles, the film is 7 minutes long. Enjoy.

Short Film Friday #1

I love good short films. They manage to say something interesting about life in just a few minutes, and at the same time they are just the right lenght for my tiny attention span to handle. And now with the possibility for HD-streaming online, I would dare to say that the genre is entering its golden age. Finally the short film has found its perfect medium.

So to celebrate this I am going to share some new shorts with you every friday from now on. My goal is to present a new collection each friday that will not take up more than 10 minutes of your time. Some of them are internet classics, others might be hidden gems, but the common factor is that they are some of the best short films the internet has to offer.

Last Day Dream – Director: Chris Milk –  Lenght: 48 sec

How is it possible to say so much in just 48 seconds?

Lovefield – Director: Matthieu Rathe – Length: 5 min 29 sec

Beautiful photography, and a showmanship of genre awareness.

Just Colour – Director: Jesper Kirkeby Brevik – Length: 2 min

Who knew ink drops could be so mesmerizing? I could watch this all day.

I guess that’s enough for know. I have a long list of great videos to post, so check in next friday if you want more.