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There’s been so much work lately that my brain suddenly revolted, and demanded that I do something nonsensical. So I made this poster and put it up at different spots at Columbia. Hopefully the person doing it will learn his lesson!!!

In order to stay sane in times of heavy workloads, I have decided that this will be my new hobby. I’ll post again whenever I put up a new one.


Et Plagieringseventyr

Vi held for tida på med ein ny film for Universitetsbiblioteket, og eg har i den anledning snekra saman ein plakat:

When I Should Have Been Studying


I was studying today when I got the cravings for a light snack. Being the extremely healthy person that I am (there wasn’t anything else left in the fridge), I decided to grab an apple. Then one thing lead to another, and instead of the reading I should have been doing I spent the next half hour trying to find my digital camera – which I never use – before spending another hour screaming at Photoshop – which I also never use.

So, bad photoshopping + okey idea = this picture. Don’t look at it for too long or click this link to see a bigger version, because you’ll see the bad craftsmanship.

Also, when I was crying because Photoshop wouldn’t let me do what I wanted, I was reminded of this brilliant webseries: