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Short Film Friday #13 – Spirer Etter Torden

Nydeleg eksamensfilm frå avgangskullet på Film & TV-produksjon ved UiB.

Frå Vimeo:

Spirer Etter Torden is our first exam production at the University of Bergen. It is a short film about a brother and a sister in their escape from reality and their parents constant fighting.

If you wish to see more from the process of making the film, visit the blogsite spirer-etter-torden.blogspot.com/

Screenplay: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Director: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Producer: Jesper Kirkeby Brevik
Photo: Anita Jonsterhaug Vedå
Sound: Bendik Stubstad Henriksen
Editor: Andreas Næs