Short Film Friday #1

I love good short films. They manage to say something interesting about life in just a few minutes, and at the same time they are just the right lenght for my tiny attention span to handle. And now with the possibility for HD-streaming online, I would dare to say that the genre is entering its golden age. Finally the short film has found its perfect medium.

So to celebrate this I am going to share some new shorts with you every friday from now on. My goal is to present a new collection each friday that will not take up more than 10 minutes of your time. Some of them are internet classics, others might be hidden gems, but the common factor is that they are some of the best short films the internet has to offer.

Last Day Dream – Director: Chris Milk –  Lenght: 48 sec

How is it possible to say so much in just 48 seconds?

Lovefield – Director: Matthieu Rathe – Length: 5 min 29 sec

Beautiful photography, and a showmanship of genre awareness.

Just Colour – Director: Jesper Kirkeby Brevik – Length: 2 min

Who knew ink drops could be so mesmerizing? I could watch this all day.

I guess that’s enough for know. I have a long list of great videos to post, so check in next friday if you want more.


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