Why the Internet is Awesome – The Power of Creative Commons

So last year we made a short film called «Nemesis», and a couple of months ago we posted it online under a Creative Commons-license. Basically the license says that anyone can do whatever they want to do with the film as long as it is non-commerical use, and that they give us credit.

About two weeks ago I found this comment on the Nemesis blogpost:

«Hi Stian!
I really enjoyed your film, it’s so damn good that I would stand out in my city’s square and scream the youtube adress in my head! :) Since that wouldn’t be so noticeable, I would like to translate it to Hungarian, to show it to my friends, and post it on webpages..»

We exchanged some emails, and then two weeks later, BAM!, here it is. Nemesis with Hungarian subtitles.

Press play. Then click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the youtube player. A new menu will appear. Hover your mouse over the arrow pointing left. You can now choose the language.

This is an example of how well Creative Commons-liscensing can work, not just for the consumer but also for the creator. I am now able to reach a bigger audience than I could have with just the english subtitles.

So a big special thanks to my new Hungarian friend, mr. Tooni:)


4 responses to “Why the Internet is Awesome – The Power of Creative Commons

  1. «Mr. » Wow 🙂
    The pleasure is mine 🙂

  2. Ok, so it’s ms? Or mrs? 🙂

  3. Wow, how fascinating! Prakteksempel at why stuff like this should be licenced CC.
    Btw, do you have any clue how many times Nemesis have been seen by now? I mean, YouTube is just one of many places you can see that video, right?

  4. I have no idea. We put it on Youtube where it has about 85 000 views, and on Vimeo where it has almost none.

    But I don’t know how many other people have taken it and put it on other sites. I just remember seeing it on Kontraband.com, but they don’t have a view count. However there is a link on I-am-bored.com to that video which has 7840 views.


    So if I were to guess I’d say somewhere around 100 000 views.

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