Nemesis – Have you ever wanted superpowers?

Our exam film from last semester is finally online.

watch it in HD here


The film was made as a part of a script writing course at the University of Bergen, Norway. It was shot in 5 days on various locations in Bergen. About 6 weeks of planning. It was edited in about 15 days, with an extra 3 weeks for sound-, effects- and color editing.

Since it’s a student film it was made without much of a budget. All the actors contributed for free and our producer was able to get almost everything else sponsored from local businesses (like borrowing the bus etc). So a big thank you to all the people who helped us out!

The main character is played by Trond Giesel Gil, and the nemesis is played by Anders McAuley. The younger version of the main character was played by Julius Sagevik.


Shoot in 1080i on a Sony XDcam. Edited in Final Cut, the effects are done in After Effects and the color correction in Color.


Kyrie by Piotr Pawlowski (Some Rights Reserved)
Artist link:
License link:…

Dr.Keith J.Salmon – Saint Saens: Carnival of the Animals
Elliot Simons – Enchanted Treasure
Dimitris Plagiannis – The Magical Adventure
Pierre Gerwig Langer – Little Ones

The last four were bought from


Tuva Gaarder Nordlie – Producer

Espen Hobbesland – Editor

Gudrun Tokle Grene – Sound

Ingrid Tangstad – Cinematographer

Stian Hafstad – Writer/Director

Pernille Rivedal Hellevik – Costume/make-up

Morten Forland – Production Assistant

Christer Larsen – Production Assistant


9 responses to “Nemesis – Have you ever wanted superpowers?

  1. Hi Stian!
    I really enjoyed your film, it’s so damn good that I would stand out in my city’s square and scream the youtube adress in my head! 🙂 Since that wouldn’t be so noticeable, I would like to translate it to Hungarian, to show it to my friends, and post it on webpages (and give them the adress to vote for your film 🙂 – if it isn’t too late yet).
    If you like the idea, please e-mail me the english subtitle file, and as soon as it’s done, i’ll send it back, and you can upload the video in HQ on youtube.
    Thank you again for your efforts, where «your» is plural 🙂
    P.S. I’ve found this film after I watched a dozen times «Bert & Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap» :))

  2. I’m so glad you like it:)

    If you want to translate it, that would be great:)

    What’s your email adress?

  3. Sorry, I tought my e-mail adress is visible, when I leave a messege here.
    My adress is

  4. Messege sent, hope you received it. Also please delete my last comment which shows my e-mail adress, for privacy reasons.

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  6. Tilbakeping: Studentfilmer fra UiB

  7. Hi Stian,

    I’m curating a short film series in December in NYC. If you’d like «Nemesis» to be screened please contact me as soon as you can.

    All the Best!

  8. hi there… can u tell us, how u came up with this idea? for nemesis… it’s interesting… we’re doing some analysis on it, so we’d like to know, if u dont mind…

    • Hey! Sorry for the late reply!

      The idea of the guy screaming inside his head to «catch» mind readers, Ive had since I was kid. And I really wanted to make a short film about someone who desperately wanted to be superhero. I brainstormed ideas for what he would need to become one, and when I came up with the idea of a Nemesis being needed, then the whole story just fell into place 🙂

      Best, Stian

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